MEMBERS PROMOTION: 5x Members will share in $5000 towards their shopping bills!

Terms & Conditions

Conditions of entry

1.    No directors, their immediate partners or any staff employed under Murray Downs Golf & Country Club LTD can enter.

2.    Only financial members of the club (aged 18 or over) at the time of the draw can participate in the promotion with the following exceptions: Provisional Members, Temporary Members and Junior Sporting Members are not permitted to participate in or win this prize.

3.    The eligible winner does not need to be at either licensed premises at the time the draw is conducted, that is, when their ticket is drawn.

4.    The winner will be notified and must present themselves in person with their valid Members Card to become eligible and receive the prize.

5.    Tickets must be in the Murray Downs barrel by 7.20pm on Sunday, March 26. Tickets at the Swan Hill Club must be in the barrel by 3pm when the barrel will be taken to Murray Downs to be merged.

6.    The ticket draw officials will draw out 5x tickets from the barrel on Sunday, March 26 during the 7.30pm Members Draw. Then 2x more runner up tickets will be drawn.

Cost to enter

7.    There is no specific cost to enter this draw, however an active financial club membership and certain conditions below are required to be awarded entry tickets.

Place and Time of the Draws

8.    The draw will take place following the immediate conclusion of the Members Raffles and Badge Draw at approximately 8pm.

Manner in which the prize is awarded and method for claiming the prize

9.    There are 3 ways to enter this promotion: 1x ticket with Members name, date and time will print out every day that a gold member swipes on entry to Murray Downs Golf & Country Club or the Swan Hill Club. 1x ticket with Members name, date and time will print out every time a member buys a main meal from either venues bistro. 1x ticket with Members name, date and time will print out every time a member buys any 2x schooners from either venues bar. These tickets can then be placed in either entry barrel which is located at either the reception or bar area.

10.  Members cannot give their ticket to anyone else, including other Members and no one can take the place of another Member on the final draw night.

Notification of prize winners and Results

11.  The names of the winners will be announced on our social media pages with a picture required.


·         5x $1,000 Aldi Gift Cards

·         1x $150 Aldi Gift Card

·         1x $50 Aldi Gift Card